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Jevan Pipitone - Disabled Genius Generalist Researcher

Here is my personal website, of modern/ recent, innovative and creative, free content for you.

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A sample coloured pencil drawing I did, for more see the Art page:

2022jan23 Pencil Drawing Scan (4 scale small in KolourPaint).png

A Joke:

Watch (observe) the time on your what's? haha

List of my websites:

My Upbringing / Basis:

I read a lot of adult science fiction books, during my later primary school grades, that were written by scientists of the time, so I will probably sound a bit like a scientist, in the words and sentences I am more likely to use.

All of the content on this website, is for viewing / listening / using, online here, on this website, only. It is not for download or copying.

The menu for this website is below. It is included at the bottom of every page of this website. This makes it easier to use on a mobile phone, or on any device:


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